Sunday, 18 April, 2010

Thenmala Ecotourism - Deer Park

We had lunch at the near by restaurant of Facilitation centre. Then we headed to the Deer Park. It is one km away from Facilitation centre. We took ticket for the park and entered, we didn't see too many deers there. We were able to find only one inside the forest.

There is a children park inside the Deer park. The small park was completely occupied by a school team. Then we saw a Tree hut. We all got inside the tree hut. There is a room and a sit out in the hut. It is the only one thing which we found that there was no entry ticket.

After visiting these many places we planned to visit the Leisure zone. But it was raining heavily, so we were not able to visit the Leisure zone. We missed the Butterfly Safari park in the Leisure zone. We were ready to leave from Thenmala. Altogether we had some great time at Thenmala. But it didn't meet our expectation, there are few things in which we think there is room for improvement,

Thenmala Ecotourism - Thenmala Dam

After visiting the Deer park, we visited the Dam. It was very hot there at the Dam. We visited the dam at around 2:30 which was not the right time to visit there. Many visitors were there in the form of youngsters. There are steps for climbing up to the bridge of the Dam. We climbed and reached the bridge. There is a echo point near the bridge. We walked through the bridge, there was not much water in the reservoir. We can see lots of monkeys near by.

Saturday, 17 April, 2010

Thenmala Ecotourism - Matsyafed Aquarium

The Aquarium is near to the Adventure zone in Thenmala. There are some beautiful fishes in the aquarium. Compared to the Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, this looks good even though it cannot match the variety of fishes at the Vizhinjam aquarium.

Thenmala Ecotourism - Adventure Zone

Its a Vishu morning. We all got ready for the trip. The destination is 73kms from Thiruvananthapuram. It is a eco tourism destination. We are a family of six, 4 adults and two kids. We started the journey in the early morning. The route is as follows:

East Fort -> Kowdiar -> Peroorkada -> Vazhayila -> Azhikode -> Valicode -> Nedumangad -> Pazhakutty -> Anad -> Chullimanoor -> Nanniyode -> Palode -> Irimpupalam -> Madathara -> Kulathupuzha -> Thenmala 

On the way to Thenamala we can see lots of trees. Below is a snap taken on the way to Thenmala.

On reaching Thenmala we can see mountains and trees on either side of the road. The road to Thenmala is great. Its a pleasure to drive on these kinds of roads, perfect for a tourist destination.

We reached Thenmala at 10:45am. Lesisure zone is the first destination that we see on reaching Thenmala. We enquired at Leisure zone and came to know that we need to take ticket from the facilitation center. We decided to visit the Leisure zone in the after noon.

We took ticket for the Adventure zone. One guy was waiting for the tourist at the Adventure zone. He was checking the ticket and giving instructions to the tourists. He shown some photos and explained about the activities in the Adventure zone. Rock climbing, Mountain biking, boating are some of the activities explained. We were excited to hear all these things.

We entered the Adventure zone, there was a bridge which leads us to the heart of the forest. It is a great experience, walking inside the forest through the bridge. We can see lots of monkeys on the way.


Inside the forest we can see lots of boards giving some useful tips. We continued to walk through the forest, we saw the board for Rock Climbing, we were eager to see that, but to the surprise nothing was available there except for the board.

Those who love the nature will get excited to see the natural beauty of the forest. Apart from the natural beauty nothing seemed to be good. 

After walking for some time we saw the pond. Near the pond there are a few games available. For each game we need to pay extra cost. Boating is also available, but there is not enough water for bating. Below you can see a snap of the pond. 

It looked like no one is really bothered to offer facilities to the tourists. Read more about Thenmala in the upcoming posts.

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