Wednesday, 10 July, 2013

Schloss Rosenstein flower garden

This is the second time I am visiting Schloss Rosenstein. Last time I visited there were hardly any flower in the garden because then the spring was only about to start. But this time there were lot of flowers. This is a paradise for photographers. 

Saturday, 6 July, 2013

Staatsgalerie Tower, Stuttgart

There is a tower near the museum. There is no entry fee. The view from the tower is nice.

Friday, 5 July, 2013

Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart

Staatsgalerie is an art museum in Stuttgart. This is near to the main train station.

Marienplatzfest 2013

Pictures from Marienplatz fest 2013. See details here.

Thursday, 4 July, 2013

More photos of Schlossgarten, Stuttgart

Here is few more photos of Schlossgarten which is near to Schlossplatz.

Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

Kids park, Leipzigerplatz

When you have a toddler the perfect place for an weekend would be a park. After visiting some very nice parks in Stuttgart (Killesberg being the best), we planned to visit a park at Leipzigerplatz. Thanks to Google maps for helping me to find this park. When we went there it was quite empty. There are few rides for the kids. There is also a garden near to this. For adults the garden would be a nice place to spend some time.

Friday, 31 May, 2013

Castle Solitude, Stuttgart

Solitude is a castle which lies 11 km from Stuttgart. It is one of the beautiful castles in Stuttgart. Its is well connected with the public transport. The bus will take you right in front of the castle. Unlike other castles there were very little tourists there. There is a very huge lawn in front of the castle and there are lot of trees in the backyard.

Killesbergturm, Stuttgart

Killesbergturm is the tower in the Killesbergpark. After spending time in the park we went to the tower. The entry fee is 1 EURO for family. Its a 42 m high tower but the view from the tower is nothing less than spectacular. Its much better than the taller TV Tower which is 240 m high. The day was bright and sunny, the blue sky and green trees makes it a great combination for a spectacular view. 

Here is a video of the spectacular view from the tower. 

Thursday, 30 May, 2013

Killesbergpark, Stuttgart

While I was browsing I happen to notice a tower called killesbergturm. I searched more and found that its a nice place for a hangout. I also found that there is a park near by so I decided to go there. We went there on a public holiday. The roads were almost empty which reminded me of a hartal day in India. But in the park, there were lot of people and most of them have came with family especially with small kids.

The main attraction is the train inside the park. The ticket cost 3 EURO per person. It will take us a round trip inside the park. There is a lot of place to walk, sit and enjoy in the lush green lawn. Lot of trees, plants and flowers. There are some beautiful flowers in the garden. I took some snaps but the beauty is not justified in the photo. See more in the picture gallery.

If you going to the park with a kid then the main attraction would be the rides inside the park. There are lot of rides suitable for all the age groups. 
It is the finest park I visited in Stuttgart. It has got everything needed for a park. After spending time in the park we went to the tower. Read it in the next post.

Wednesday, 29 May, 2013

Konigstuhl - A day at Germany's top tourist spot, Heidelberg

After the visit to Castle it was time for us to visit Konigstuhl. It is situated 567m above sea level.

From the castle we took the special bus to go to Konigstuhl. This bus wont go directly there. We have to get down at Molkenkur and the take another tram. Its a special tram (Funicular railway) with historical importance. It has only one bogie and I think its runs on cable. We waited at Molkenkur for the next tram to come. There is a separate ticket required for using this tram. The ticket can be taken only for one way (5 Euro) or for both ways (7 Euro).

After waiting for some time the tram came. There is nothing much to get excited with this tram. Its a very slow moving one. As we were moving up we could see the aerial view of the town, it was getting better as we climb up. Also we could see plenty of trees on either sides. After some time it reached Konigstuhl.

The view from there is awesome. We could see the entire city from there. We spent some time there. There is a restaurant near by. Apart from enjoying the view there are few activities available there. There is a park available for kids.
Konigstuhl can also be reached directly by bus.

Sunday, 26 May, 2013

Heidelberg Castle - A day at Germany's top tourist spot, Heidelberg

We got into the train and there was reasonably good crowd inside the train. The train started to move and we could see moving trees on the sides. We were on a trip to Heidelberg, one of the best tourist destination in Germany. We reached Heidelberg in 1.5 hours. We got out of the train station. There is a tourist information center in front of the central train station. We bought ticket for the castle from there.

We catched the 33 number bus from the near by bus stop and reached the castle entrance. The castle is in the mountains, there is a special bus which take the tourists to the castle. We got into the bus and reached the castle entry point.

Its an old castle, in which some parts of the building is destroyed. We got inside the castle and there is view point, the view of the town and mountains from there is very nice. We can see the Heidelberg bridge from there.

After spending some time inside we get out of the castle. There is a pharmacy museum near by, we didn't visit there. Outside there is a large garden space. There is lot of places to roam around in the garden. We walk around the garden, the lawn in the garden is ideal for a toddler to play around. Our little one had a nice time in the garden. We also enjoyed the water fountain in the garden.

The view of the castle from the other end of the garden is really nice. Also the view of the town is great.

After spending good time there, it was time for us to move to the next destination, Konigstuhl. More on this in the next post.

Train Ticket (to & fro): State Ticket 22 EURO. For each person extra 4 EURO.
Castle entry: 6 EURO per person
Konigstul Cable Car (to & fro): 10 EURO per person. 14 EURO for two person

Saturday, 25 May, 2013

Mittlerer Schlossgarten, Stuttgart

This garden is near to the central train station in Stuttgart. This garden is also part of the Green U. There is pretty much similar to the Rosensteinpark with lot of trees and greenness around. There is also a pond in the garden. Spending some time in this place is not going to be bad idea if you are looking for a cool and calm place to relax.

Friday, 24 May, 2013

Schloss Rosenstein, Stuttgart

One of the good thing about Stuttgart is the abundance of greenery. There is something called Green U, its a chain of green space in the form of the letter 'U'. The Rosensteinpark is one among them and Schloss Rosenstein is situated in Rosensteinpark. It is a palace in the middle of wonderfully maintained garden.

Thursday, 16 May, 2013

Spring festival 2013, Stuttgart (Cannstatter Wasen)

Spring festival is one of the biggest festival in Germany. Read more on wiki here. I got an opurtunity to visit the festival with my family. Lots of local visit wearing traditional dresses specifically for the spring fest. The energy level in the festival ground is awesome. There are n number of breathtaking rides to enjoy. It is for sure to have fun there.

Saturday, 11 May, 2013

A park for everyone at Mörikestraße

Its not at all a new thing for the people of Stuttgart to enjoy a day out on a bright sunny day. And there are lot of possibilities for making it fun. One of them being a park in Morikstrasse. If we just take a look, it is a simple park for kids, but its not. It is much more than that if we are ready to explore. There are lot of oppurtunities, it is park for kids, an adventurous biking spot for youngsters, a walk way for olds, a lovely place for couples, a picnic spot for family and more.


I visited recently on a sunday accompanied by my wife and my little one. We reached there and there were lot of people in the park. we decided to explore and climbed the hill (Karlshöhe). As we climb up we started seeing the town, nice view ofcourse. As we move on we could see some younsters practising to walk on the rope. The rope was tied between two trees and they were trying to walk over it. On both sides of the way there were lot of tress and flowers. There were couples, friends, families who came there to enjoy a day. Some youngsters were having some fun with thier bikes (bicycle).


There is also a restaurant (Tschechen & Söhne) on the top of the hill, there you can have food enjoying the beautiful weather and view. They serve beer as well. After walking for some more time we found another play area for kids. There we have swing then some other rides especially for kids. We spend some time there and the little one had some fun over there. There are benches here and there so that one can just sit back and relax.

The big trees, beautiful flowers, nice walk way all make it a nice place for hangout. The walk way is good, where in which  we could take our kids strolley as well. Altogether the place is well maintained with the natural resources kept intact. 

Tuesday, 7 May, 2013

Johanneskirche church, Feuersee

Johanneskirche church is one of the oldest church in Stuttgart. This Protestant Church lies surrounded with the lake of Feuersee. Feuersee means 'Lake of Fire' or 'fire water pond'.

Königstraße - Favourite shopping street of Stuttgart

It is one of the popular and best shopping street in Stuttgart. The name means king's (König) street (straße). This is a must go place if you are shopping in Stuttgart. You will get almost everything here. Through the street you can walk on and on till you find your favorite shop. There is no entry for vehicles in the street. As you walk through you can see street performers playing music. There are some restaurants as well.

Sunday, 5 May, 2013

Its spring and lots of greenery around

The spring season is in and there are lots of greenery around. All the trees are now green and its a refreshing change. Its like a start of a new life. You look through the window there is green, you walk through the street there is green, you look at the park there is green. The trees, plants look so nice in this new attire, its a nice view for all the nature lovers. Happy Spring, Stuttgart!!

Saturday, 4 May, 2013

Schillerplatz (Old Castle), Stuttgart

After the visit to Schlossplatz (new castle) it was time for us to visit the Old Castle, Schillerplatz. This is near to Schlossplatz. If you visit Schlossplatz there is less chance that you miss this one. There is a museum inside the castle. There is not much to see and enjoy but its a nice place to relax.

Schlossplatz (New Castle), a great tourist spot in Stuttgart

It was good sunny day when we visited Schlossplatz, also known as New Castle. It was the first tourist spot we visited in Stuttgart. The place was so beautiful and there were lot of crowd. But there was enough room for every one. Its one of the best tourist destination in Stuttgart.

We spend lot of time there. It was the first time my little one seemed to like the climate. The castle is good looking and big too. There is lot of lawn in front of the castle for the tourist to take rest. There a fountain and high standing statue as well.
Discover more on wiki here.

Konigsbau Passagen
We had lunch from the near by shopping mall, Konigsbau Passagen. Its a nice looking shopping mall with a U bahn station inside. Also there is a big shopping outlet for electronics, the Deutsche post office, restaurants, stationary stores and more. 

Friday, 3 May, 2013

Zacke - A city tour in Stuttgart (Part 3)

It was around 4'o clock in the evening we reached back to Marienplatz after visiting Rosensteinpark and Schlossgarten. We then boarded Zacke - the 125 year old tradition.The tram (Zacke) runs from Marienplatz to Degerloch.

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