Wednesday, 29 May, 2013

Konigstuhl - A day at Germany's top tourist spot, Heidelberg

After the visit to Castle it was time for us to visit Konigstuhl. It is situated 567m above sea level.

From the castle we took the special bus to go to Konigstuhl. This bus wont go directly there. We have to get down at Molkenkur and the take another tram. Its a special tram (Funicular railway) with historical importance. It has only one bogie and I think its runs on cable. We waited at Molkenkur for the next tram to come. There is a separate ticket required for using this tram. The ticket can be taken only for one way (5 Euro) or for both ways (7 Euro).

After waiting for some time the tram came. There is nothing much to get excited with this tram. Its a very slow moving one. As we were moving up we could see the aerial view of the town, it was getting better as we climb up. Also we could see plenty of trees on either sides. After some time it reached Konigstuhl.

The view from there is awesome. We could see the entire city from there. We spent some time there. There is a restaurant near by. Apart from enjoying the view there are few activities available there. There is a park available for kids.
Konigstuhl can also be reached directly by bus.

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