Thursday, 30 May, 2013

Killesbergpark, Stuttgart

While I was browsing I happen to notice a tower called killesbergturm. I searched more and found that its a nice place for a hangout. I also found that there is a park near by so I decided to go there. We went there on a public holiday. The roads were almost empty which reminded me of a hartal day in India. But in the park, there were lot of people and most of them have came with family especially with small kids.

The main attraction is the train inside the park. The ticket cost 3 EURO per person. It will take us a round trip inside the park. There is a lot of place to walk, sit and enjoy in the lush green lawn. Lot of trees, plants and flowers. There are some beautiful flowers in the garden. I took some snaps but the beauty is not justified in the photo. See more in the picture gallery.

If you going to the park with a kid then the main attraction would be the rides inside the park. There are lot of rides suitable for all the age groups. 
It is the finest park I visited in Stuttgart. It has got everything needed for a park. After spending time in the park we went to the tower. Read it in the next post.

  Picture Gallery

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