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Boating At Kumarakom

20 April 2008

We were on for a trip to attend the Juby's engagement. It happened at Kottayam. We were around 30 guys on a mini bus. We reached Kottayam at around 11:00AM. We attended the
engagement party and had a nice lunch too.

We had a plan to go for boating at Kumarakom. After attending the engagement we headed to Kumarakom.


Kumarakom is a tourist village in Kottayam, Kerala. It is situated 16 km from Kottayam town. Kumarakom is a great tourist destination which provides boating, fishing, sight seeing etc. Wide variety of house boats can be seen in Kumarakom. The place is gifted with the natural beauty of Kerala.

After waiting for a few minutes in the jetty, the we got into the boat. Its a normal boat, not a house boat. We started boating at 4:20Pm. We had already booked a boat for our trip. The boating costs us Rs 900 for two hours.

All the boys got into the roof top as soon as they get in. On the way, we can see a lots of boats specially house boats. House boat is a common site at Kumarakom. We enjoyed the journey as the breeze hitting the boat.

A lots of small islands can be seen on the lake. The landscape is blessed with lovely greenery with the coconut trees all around. As the boating progressed all of us took place at the of top.

Temples, churches, resorts all are there on the banks of the lake. In between the journey the boat stops at the other end of the jetty.

Here is a guy who is trying to impress others with his head stand, hmmm not bad at all. And he is none other than Jamnas.

Every one enjoyed the journey. We completed boating at 6:25PM, thats exactly two hours of boating.

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