Monday, 5 January, 2009

A trip to Aruvipuram

Its a Sunday morning that we gathered at Thiruvananthapuram 'New' theatre to watch the malayalam movie (Crazy Gopalan). There were around 15 peoples in our team to watch the movie. The movie was below average. After the movie some of us decided to go home, and some of us decided to go some place.

Vijay, Jamnas, Nipin and myself decided to go some place. I came up with an idea of going to Aruvipuram. Aruvipuram is a place 24 Km away from Thiruvananthapuram near Neyyattinkara. Others also agreed to the idea, we decided to go to Aruvipuram. Nipin had to return his friend's bike to Sreekaryam. Vijay and Nipin went to Sreekaryam. Myself and Jammu went to Jammu's home at Karamana. Karamana is only 4 km from Thampanoor.

We waited for Vijay and Nipin. They came at Jammu's home. Myself and Jammnu already had lunch from his home. Vijay and Nipin also took lunch from Jammu's home. We started our trip to Aruvipuram at around 3:30 pm. Jammu and Nipin on Jammu's Apache. Myself and Vijay on Passion.

We assembled at Neyyatinkara, 19 kms from Thiruvananthapuram city. We then headed to Perupazhuthoor, 4km from Neyyatinkara. Then to Aruvipuram a few kms from Perupazhuthoor. We reached Aruvipuram at around 4:30 pm.

There is a small waterfall in Aruvipuram and the name of this place is derived from this waterfall. Aruvipuram village is famous for Sree Narayana cult and a Shiva temple established and consecrated by social reformer Sree Narayana Guru. The temple was established in 1888, challenging the hegemony of upper castes in establishing and consecrating the temples. The temple attracts a large number of worshippers during the 'Sivarathri' festival February/March.

For those who wish to go by bus can catch buses from Thiruvananthapuram. There are buses to Neyyattinkara from Thiruvananthapuram. From Neyyatinkara you can catch a bus to Perupazhuthoor, which is on the way to Kattakada.Tourists can also visit Pandavan para, which is near to Aruvipuram. Neyyar Dan can be also reached from this spot. Its around 12 kms from here.

We took some snaps, and enjoyed the beauty of the water fall. Its a very quite place, not many tourists. Its great place for some one who wants privacy. We then took a long bath in the water fall. We can see lots of people taking bath. Its a great place considering the fact that its near to the city.

At around 6:30 we started the return trip. On the way we dropped at my home. We had tea and continued our return trip. I have to go to Jammu's home, I have kept my bike over there. At Jammu's home we dispersed. Thats the end of a nice trip. Altogether a very nice trip.

Looking forward to an exciting trip head, Good bye !!

How to reach Aruvippuram ?

1) Thiruvananthapuram -> Balaramapuram -> Neyyatinkara -> Perupazhuthoor -> Aruvippuram.

2) Nagercoil -> Marthandam -> Kaliyikkavila -> Neyyatinkara -> Perupazhuthoor -> Aruvippuram.


nipin said...

Nice work.............
Manushya jeevikalude photos onnum ille???

passerby said...

Photos r nice. A photo of the temple consecrated by the Guru wd hav added to the beauty of the blog. Information abt the temple: timings of darshan, where to stay at ngt if it gets too late, what r the types of pujas performed and the like, wd become useful to the prospective pilgrims, Shai ! Or u cd hyperlink any website that gives such items of info.

Shaiju B said...

Thanks passerby!

Shaiju B said...

Thanks passerby!

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