Friday, 2 January, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Its December 31st, every one wishing each other and getting ready for the new year celebration. Every one making arrangements for the celebration. People going to parties, roaming through the city and so on. I am not different, I called some of my friends and decided to celebrate the new year at Shanghumugham beach. The beach is around 10 km from Trivandrum city. Its near to the Trivandrum airport.

Myself, Shibin, Hisam, Jamnas, Aneesh, Vijayakumar, Sathish, Lalu and Nijas were there for the celebration. We all went to beach by bike. We were 9 of them, so Hisam ended up as a lone rider. Myself with Shibin on my Hunk, Jamnas and Aneesh on his Apache, Sathish and Vijay on his Discover, Lalu and Nijas on his Passion, Hisam on his Shine. We started from Kazhakootam at around 10 pm. Some of us are speeding the bike at over 70km per hour. We had dinner from a restaurant at Chackai.

We headed to Shanghumugham beach, we reached there at 11 pm. There were lots of crowd gathered to celebrate new year. We can see people wishing new year each other. Some people are playing some games, kids playing with the ball etc. We walked through the beach, we decided to play some games. Jamnas come up with an idea of playing Kabadi, later he regretted his decision. Every one got thrilled and decided to play.

We ourselves formed two teams and started playing. We played for some time, every one excited. After playing for some time, Jammu found that his watch was missing. We stopped the play and searched for Jammu's watch. We didnt find the watch.

And the time every one was expecting came. Its 12 in the midnight, fire crackers started illuminating the sky, every one clapping hands, greeting each other... All mobile phones busy sending greeting messages, wishing greetings, but network seems to be too busy to handle the requests. So now its 2009, new year has just started. At these celbration time there was one guy, who seemed to be busy with some thing else, its our Jammu searching for a watch worth Rs 25/-.

Nipin with his friend also joined the celebration. After half an hour of fire works people started dispersing. We stayed there for some more time, had ice cream from a street shop. Returned back to our houses. So its a nice way to celebrate the new year. But when we look back we see that there was still room to make the celebration much more excting, lets hope for a much better celebration next year.

Wishing every one a prosperous New Year.

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