Sunday, 21 April, 2013

TV Tower, Fernsehturm Stuttgart

As I know that it is one of the great tourist attraction in Stuttgart, I decided to visit there. I planned to visit there on a sunny day, but unfortunately it wasn't sunny as expected. But we decided to visit there. I had my wife and daughter with me. It was a time, she started enjoying the climate in Germany. It was around zero degree on that day.

TV Tower is one of the first of its kind in Germany. Its a popular tourist destination. We took the train to reach TV Tower. And when we are about to reach there, it started showing signs of snow fall. It started getting cold. We reached there get inside and took the ticket for us. It cost 5 EURO per person. A guy took us to the top floor of the tower in an elevator. We showed the way and left.

We took a view from the top terrace and wow it was great. We got a good view of Stuttgart, but it would have been much better on a good sunny day. After some time it started snowing and become too cold that we were not able to stay in the open terrace. We got down to the restaurant and we had some typical German food from there. But suddenly there was too much fog and there nothing great to see from there. We spent some time there and decided to get down.

We left from there, hoping that we should go there some time on  a sunny day. But unfortunately this is now not open to public. May we were few of the last tourists that visited the TV Tower.

Few snaps taken from the top of the TV Tower is posted below.


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