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Wayanad Trip - A look back (Day 2)

10 Aug 2008, Sunday

Its was a pleasant morning and every one excited. Some of us had a playing session at the hotel. That day we planned to visit Muthanga Wildlife Santuary and the Kuruva Island. We had to really rush bcoz, only the first few team might be able to see some animals over there. All of us get ready at around 8:30am. We got seated in the bus and headed to a nearby hotel for breakfast.


After having a great breakfast we headed to Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is at Muthanga.

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

An ideal destination to watch herds of wild elephants, the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the northeast and Mudumalai of Tamil Nadu on the southeast. It is established in 1973. Rich in bio diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve , which has been established with the specific objective of conserving the biological heritage of the region.

The sanctuary is rich in flora and fauna. The management lays emphasis on scientific conservation with due consideration for the general lifestyle of the tribals and others who live in and around the forest. Elephant, spotted deer. Bison, tiger, cheetah, wild bear etc. can be spotted here. Elephant rides are arranged by the Forest department.

At around 9:45am we reached Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary. They wont allow big vehicles inside the sanctuary, so we had to rent a few jeeps for us. For each vehicle the forest department will assign a guide for us. We payed some 1500 bugs as entry fee including the camera charges. We need to pay extra amount for the jeep for rent. The advantage is that the jeep drivers are very experienced guys.

Monkeys are common sight

On the way inside the sanctuary we saw a few deers, peacocks, elephants and some other animals as well. The jeep stops at some specified locations, we took some snaps from there. There are a few challenges the drivers have to overcome, for some distance the road is full of mud, so the tyres tend to slip and hence losing out control. So if some vehicle got stuck, then its a tough task. In the below pictures you can see one of our jeep got stuck in the mud.

We finished the adventurous ride at 12:15pm. From Muthanga we can buy original honey.

We were lucky enough to find a few deers
We can go, right?

Oops! Where is it heading?
Common guys, Push hard!
We survived, here we go !
Way back from wildlife sanctuary

After 1:00pm we went for lunch. The food that we had from Wayanad is really nice. After having lunch we traveled to Kuruva Island.

Kuruva Island
On the way to Kuruva Island we danced in the bus, transforming the travel into an entertainment session as much as possible. We can always get some lush green scenery when we look out of the bus.

It was unfortunate that we cannot visit the Kuruva Island, the island was almost flooded with water.

Way to Kuruva Island
Its 330pm , so we had no time to visit other places, so we decide to head back to our starting point. We had to reach Thiruvananthapuram in the morning. We reached Thiruvananthapuram at around 7:30am on Monday. Altogether it was a nice journey.

Ready for the final destination

Wayanad Trip - A look back (Day 1)

8 Aug 2008, Friday

We started the journey from Technopark, our office campus. Technopark is Asia's largest technology park. Its in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, India. Its a two day,
three night trip. The plan was to start on Friday evening and reach back on Monday morning. Every one get inside the bus. The tour is a package from Indurcity, Wayanad package. It cost us 1400 per head which includes travel and accommodation for one night at Sultan Battery near Wayanad. It was a 49 seater air bus.

After traveling a few kms the guys began dancing and shouting. We had our dinner from Kollam at around 8:30pm.

A photo session after dinner, Where were the girls ?
Its a long way
We were planning to reach Wayanad at morning. So its a long way from Thiruvananthapuram. We had to travel the entire night to reach the destination. Some people slept in the night. Few of us stayed back the whole night playing cards, anthakshari and all.

9 Aug 2008, Saturday
On the way to Wayanad we stopped at some place, i don't remember the exact name of the place. We got refreshed and had breakfast from that place.

At around 9:00am we resumed our journey to Wayanad. On the way we can see a lot of greenery. Below is one of the snapshot of the greenery.

A snapshot on the way to Lakkidi, Wayanad

Lakkidi is a prominent Hill Station, about 58 kms north east of Kozhikode and five kms south of Vythiri. Lakkidi, the gateway of Wayanad, lies atop Thamarassery, a ghats pass at an elevation of 700 m. above mean sea level. Lakkidi also boasts of the second highest degree of rainfall in the whole wide World. A Tour to the rain soaked silhouettes of Lakkidi would enable the Tourists to decipher the same magic.

Lakkidi, which is also recognized for its cultural vitality and verve. Kunjan Nambiar is a poet dramatist of great name and fame in Kerala who expertised in the art form of Thallu, which literally means " to jump" or" cut a caper". Kunjan Nambiar the popular Poet from Lakkidi, used to perform in the Chakkiaars, groups of Drummers, and he fused his style, Thallu with images and themes from Mahabharata and Ramayana in a way unique to Kerala's Art forms.

The lofty mountain peaks, the gurging stream, luxuriant vegetation and the bird's eye view of the deep valley on the south, with its winding roads, are breath taking. The 12 kms. long journey from Adivaram to Lakkidi through ghats road with nine hairpin bends amidst thick forests, is a fascinating experience. Irulas and Mudugars are the main tribes inhabiting the Waynad region which houses the rain soaked Lakkidi as a famous Hill Station in India. The Waynad region is home to Malleswari Peak, which is home to an India renowned Shiva Lingam.

Our first destination was Lakkidi. We reached Lakkidi at 10:30am. The view from Lakkidi is fantastic, nature at its best. Every where we can see the greenery. After spending some time over there it started drizzling. We left from Lakkidi at 10:50am.

View from Lakkidi

The wet road at Lakkidi

Pookot Lake
Pookot Lake, about 13 kms from Kalpetta, is undoubtedly the most beautiful tourist spot in the whole of Wayanad. The lake nestles in the lap of mountains surrounding it. Boating in the Pookot Lake is a memorable experience. Tall trees and dense forests that line along the pathway around the lake provide a visual treat. A freshwater acquarium with a large variety of fish is an added attraction.

With its own dream-like serenity, this natural fresh water lake surrounded by meadows and trees on all sides is a haven for peace-loving travellers. It is located half way from Calicut, half an hour ahead of Kalpetta. The weather here is salacious; the scenic beauty, hypnotising and the nature, unspoiled. The pathway around the lake is lined by thick bushes and tall trees which further add to the overall charm. One of the main tributaries of the Kabani River – the Panamaram rivulet originates from Pookot Lake and then tumbles down into Panamaram valley.

This is a beautiful natural fresh water lake surrounded by evergreen forest and wooded hills. Boating facilities, Children's Park and shopping centre for handicrafts and spices of Wyanad are arranged by District Tourism Promotion Council. These provides recreational facilities to the visitors. The lake has an area of 8.5ha.and the maximum water depth is 6.5mtrs.The lake is 3 km south of vythiri resorts.

At 10:55am we reached the Pookot Lake. The entry fee is Rs.10 for individual person. Some of us went for boating, some gone for exploring the forest like woods over there. Tourists can walk around the lake. One thing we need to care about is the leach. We left Pookot lake at 12:05pm.

Entry board

Queue for boating

Big trees and ponds can be found around the lake

Lake view

We had lunch at 12:55pm. It was a nice lunch, every one enjoyed the food.

After having a really nice lunch we headed to Soochipara at 2:00pm. On the way to Soochipara lots of tea gardens can be found. Here are the snaps of a few of them.

Our bus got stuck in the mud, on the way to Soochipara. The roads are slippery and they are not wide enough for this kind of large buses.
This falls is around 22 km from Kalpetta, situated near Meppadi. This is one among different other waterfalls present in Wayanad. But Soochipara falls stands apart. One can reach the waterfalls after a 2-km walk into the dense equatorial forest of Wayanad. Here, one can find nature at its thundering best. Soochipara is a 3-tiered, powerful waterfall. The waterfall ranged from 100 to 300 feet in height and is a luxury to the eyes. This is a prominent place for leisurely destination. This place is a blessed place as its divinity is obvious in the beauty of the nature. And the cliff face here is ideal for rock climbing.

We reached Soochipara at 3:35pm. We had to walk for a km to reach the rock and the waterfall. We had lots of fun in the water pool -bathing, playing etc. The way to the rock (Soochipara) was blocked as the way was too slippery. Hence we didn’t visit the rock, the needle rock. We left Soochipara at 4:50pm

Path to Soochipara rock and waterfall

Waterfall at Soochipara

Nipin's home
Our next destination was Nipin's home. Journey to Nipin's home was exciting. Since the road to his home was not wide we had to catch jeep for reaching his home. We can find lots of jeep running as taxi in Wayanad. We had tea from Nipin's home. We left Nipin's home at 7:40pm.

Hotel (Sultan Battery)

Now we need to find a place to stay. We had booked for rooms at a hotel at Sultan Battery. It was a good hotel, buffet was also available for dinner. We decided to had food from outside, as it was very costly.

Sultan Battery is a medium town in Wayanad district of Kerala, India. It derives its present name from Tipu Sultan of Mysore who captured the Jain temple here and used it as his battery here in the 18th century, hence the name Sultan's Battery. Later, came to be known as Sulthan Bathery, its Malayalam version of the name.

The town is the largest town in Wayanad District.It lies on the Kozhikode -Mysore National Highway (NH 212).98 km from Kozhikode town. It is also 115 kilometers from Mysore and about 100 kilometers from Ooty (Udagamandalam). The people primarily depend on agriculture for living.

Sultan Bathery is situated about 930 metres above mean sea level. One could find beautiful folded hills across the horizon. The climate is pleasant throughout the year.The town sees the National Highway 212 passing through.The town is the centre of tourism in Wayanad District.


We had dinner from a near by restaurant from the hotel we stayed. Some people opted for going to "thatuukada" to have dinner.

The story of Day 2 in the next post. A journey through the Muthanga wildlife santuary.

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Bike sketch - Pulsar 200

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Monday, 5 January, 2009

A trip to Aruvipuram

Its a Sunday morning that we gathered at Thiruvananthapuram 'New' theatre to watch the malayalam movie (Crazy Gopalan). There were around 15 peoples in our team to watch the movie. The movie was below average. After the movie some of us decided to go home, and some of us decided to go some place.

Vijay, Jamnas, Nipin and myself decided to go some place. I came up with an idea of going to Aruvipuram. Aruvipuram is a place 24 Km away from Thiruvananthapuram near Neyyattinkara. Others also agreed to the idea, we decided to go to Aruvipuram. Nipin had to return his friend's bike to Sreekaryam. Vijay and Nipin went to Sreekaryam. Myself and Jammu went to Jammu's home at Karamana. Karamana is only 4 km from Thampanoor.

We waited for Vijay and Nipin. They came at Jammu's home. Myself and Jammnu already had lunch from his home. Vijay and Nipin also took lunch from Jammu's home. We started our trip to Aruvipuram at around 3:30 pm. Jammu and Nipin on Jammu's Apache. Myself and Vijay on Passion.

We assembled at Neyyatinkara, 19 kms from Thiruvananthapuram city. We then headed to Perupazhuthoor, 4km from Neyyatinkara. Then to Aruvipuram a few kms from Perupazhuthoor. We reached Aruvipuram at around 4:30 pm.

There is a small waterfall in Aruvipuram and the name of this place is derived from this waterfall. Aruvipuram village is famous for Sree Narayana cult and a Shiva temple established and consecrated by social reformer Sree Narayana Guru. The temple was established in 1888, challenging the hegemony of upper castes in establishing and consecrating the temples. The temple attracts a large number of worshippers during the 'Sivarathri' festival February/March.

For those who wish to go by bus can catch buses from Thiruvananthapuram. There are buses to Neyyattinkara from Thiruvananthapuram. From Neyyatinkara you can catch a bus to Perupazhuthoor, which is on the way to Kattakada.Tourists can also visit Pandavan para, which is near to Aruvipuram. Neyyar Dan can be also reached from this spot. Its around 12 kms from here.

We took some snaps, and enjoyed the beauty of the water fall. Its a very quite place, not many tourists. Its great place for some one who wants privacy. We then took a long bath in the water fall. We can see lots of people taking bath. Its a great place considering the fact that its near to the city.

At around 6:30 we started the return trip. On the way we dropped at my home. We had tea and continued our return trip. I have to go to Jammu's home, I have kept my bike over there. At Jammu's home we dispersed. Thats the end of a nice trip. Altogether a very nice trip.

Looking forward to an exciting trip head, Good bye !!

How to reach Aruvippuram ?

1) Thiruvananthapuram -> Balaramapuram -> Neyyatinkara -> Perupazhuthoor -> Aruvippuram.

2) Nagercoil -> Marthandam -> Kaliyikkavila -> Neyyatinkara -> Perupazhuthoor -> Aruvippuram.

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Happy New Year 2009

Its December 31st, every one wishing each other and getting ready for the new year celebration. Every one making arrangements for the celebration. People going to parties, roaming through the city and so on. I am not different, I called some of my friends and decided to celebrate the new year at Shanghumugham beach. The beach is around 10 km from Trivandrum city. Its near to the Trivandrum airport.

Myself, Shibin, Hisam, Jamnas, Aneesh, Vijayakumar, Sathish, Lalu and Nijas were there for the celebration. We all went to beach by bike. We were 9 of them, so Hisam ended up as a lone rider. Myself with Shibin on my Hunk, Jamnas and Aneesh on his Apache, Sathish and Vijay on his Discover, Lalu and Nijas on his Passion, Hisam on his Shine. We started from Kazhakootam at around 10 pm. Some of us are speeding the bike at over 70km per hour. We had dinner from a restaurant at Chackai.

We headed to Shanghumugham beach, we reached there at 11 pm. There were lots of crowd gathered to celebrate new year. We can see people wishing new year each other. Some people are playing some games, kids playing with the ball etc. We walked through the beach, we decided to play some games. Jamnas come up with an idea of playing Kabadi, later he regretted his decision. Every one got thrilled and decided to play.

We ourselves formed two teams and started playing. We played for some time, every one excited. After playing for some time, Jammu found that his watch was missing. We stopped the play and searched for Jammu's watch. We didnt find the watch.

And the time every one was expecting came. Its 12 in the midnight, fire crackers started illuminating the sky, every one clapping hands, greeting each other... All mobile phones busy sending greeting messages, wishing greetings, but network seems to be too busy to handle the requests. So now its 2009, new year has just started. At these celbration time there was one guy, who seemed to be busy with some thing else, its our Jammu searching for a watch worth Rs 25/-.

Nipin with his friend also joined the celebration. After half an hour of fire works people started dispersing. We stayed there for some more time, had ice cream from a street shop. Returned back to our houses. So its a nice way to celebrate the new year. But when we look back we see that there was still room to make the celebration much more excting, lets hope for a much better celebration next year.

Wishing every one a prosperous New Year.

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