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Anappara, Kallar - A trip on two wheels

Vrooom Vrooom … the bike started, into first gear, reached 15kmph, shifting to second gear, reached 25kmph, shifting to third gear, reached 40kmph, shifting to fourth gear, reached 55kmph, shifted to overdrive, cruising over 70kmph… this is how it feels when we are on a weekend tour. Hey guys, check out the stories from the trip happened this week. Its friendship day, what a way to celebrate the friendship day other than a good trip !

We planned to go to Anappara, its near to Kallar on the way to Ponmudi. It is 36 kms from Thriruvananthapuram. The idea came from Ravi, Jammu’s friend. We (Vijay, Jamnas, Lalu, Nipin) met at Museum. We started the journey at 12:55 PM. We met Jammu and Ravi at Peroorkada. We were on three bikes. Vijay and myself on Hunk, Ravi and Jammu on Apache, Lalu and Nipin on Passion. As the journey progressed the mighty rain hit us. We took a five minutes break and proceeded.

We took a halt at Vithura. We bought lunch from Vithura. We headed to Anappara. The road is full of curves with plenty of trees on the road side, perfect for a weekend trip. Vijay took some snaps of our bike trip. Vijay is my pillion rider. Here you can see some of his photographic excellence. Thanks to Vijay he took some amazing photos.

After travelling for some 35kms we took a left turn and headed to Annapara, the road is very narrow and silent. We reached Anappara at 2:50 PM. We locked the bikes and took some snaps there. We started to get into the forest. Since it’s the journey inside the forest we need to take care of the leeches. On the way inside the forest we saw a lot of beautiful plants and flowers.

The way inside the forest is not much clear, since its very often that tourists visit this place. The path is narrow and slippery. Here you will not find a guide and there is no entry pass as well. After a 15 minute walk inside the forest we reached the destination.

After reaching the destination we found that almost everyone was caught with leech. There are a few tips to take away the leech. The leech is so stick to the skin that if we remove it by applying pressure you might lose blood. The best thing is to burn the leech with a lighter. We need to be extremely careful while using the lighter. Even though it’s the best approach, I recommend you to be very careful while handling fire.

It’s time to enjoy sometime inside the forest. We can hear the sound of the water flowing in the river. Had lunch at river bank. The water flowing in the Kallar river is a pleasure to watch. The river is full of round shaped stones and the water in the river is crystal clear. After enjoying the river for some time, we get into the river. We played in the water for some time.

We stayed there till 5:45 PM. It’s the pack up time. We had to get out of the forest before it gets dark. We get out from the forest, again we checked for the leeches, the same procedure follows. Here is a group photo before leaving from Anappara, thanks to Jammu’s mobile cam.

After some time we were ready for the return trip. Jammu and Ravi rushed as they want to attend a party. We were travelling smoothly through the curves. Then one biker overtook me on his bullet, and seemed like he was rushing. It turned my head on. I increased the acceleration and the bike started gaining speed, 50, 55, 60 … and a corner ahead, oops a gear change, braking and the speed came down to 45kmph. I can see the bullet boy rushing, handling corners with ease. I guess he is pretty much familiar with the road. For every 200 – 300 meter there is a curve, so it was hard to maintain the speed. Sometimes I reached very near to him, then I was lost. My speedometer was reading 70kmph and he was far ahead. After battling for some time I over took him, HURRAY I won :). That was not the end, he overtook me in another 5 minutes, and we travelled complimenting each other making way for the other.

It was a lovely trip. Always looking forward to a nice trip.

How to reach Anappara ?
Thiruvananthapuram -> Peroorkada -> Nedumangad -> Vithura -> Anappara. Anappara is situated 36kms from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. It is near to Kallar and is on the way to Ponmudi.

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