Sunday, 26 May, 2013

Heidelberg Castle - A day at Germany's top tourist spot, Heidelberg

We got into the train and there was reasonably good crowd inside the train. The train started to move and we could see moving trees on the sides. We were on a trip to Heidelberg, one of the best tourist destination in Germany. We reached Heidelberg in 1.5 hours. We got out of the train station. There is a tourist information center in front of the central train station. We bought ticket for the castle from there.

We catched the 33 number bus from the near by bus stop and reached the castle entrance. The castle is in the mountains, there is a special bus which take the tourists to the castle. We got into the bus and reached the castle entry point.

Its an old castle, in which some parts of the building is destroyed. We got inside the castle and there is view point, the view of the town and mountains from there is very nice. We can see the Heidelberg bridge from there.

After spending some time inside we get out of the castle. There is a pharmacy museum near by, we didn't visit there. Outside there is a large garden space. There is lot of places to roam around in the garden. We walk around the garden, the lawn in the garden is ideal for a toddler to play around. Our little one had a nice time in the garden. We also enjoyed the water fountain in the garden.

The view of the castle from the other end of the garden is really nice. Also the view of the town is great.

After spending good time there, it was time for us to move to the next destination, Konigstuhl. More on this in the next post.

Train Ticket (to & fro): State Ticket 22 EURO. For each person extra 4 EURO.
Castle entry: 6 EURO per person
Konigstul Cable Car (to & fro): 10 EURO per person. 14 EURO for two person

Picture Gallery - Heidelberg Castle

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