Friday, 3 May, 2013

Zacke - A city tour in Stuttgart (Part 3)

It was around 4'o clock in the evening we reached back to Marienplatz after visiting Rosensteinpark and Schlossgarten. We then boarded Zacke - the 125 year old tradition.The tram (Zacke) runs from Marienplatz to Degerloch.

It started and we began climbing the hill through the narrow ways. There are houses and buildings on either side. There were four or five stops before reaching the destination, Degerloch. We get down at Degerloch, but there was nothing much to see around there. So we catched the same Zacke going back to Marienplatz and got down at Haigst. By that time my daughter was slept and she was comfortable in her baby stroller.

View of Marienplatz from Zacke while climbing to Degerloch 

Haigst is one of the place on the way from Marienplatz to Degerloch. There is a small park in which tourist can take a view of the town. Its not a very high altitude place still the view of the town from there is good. 

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