Saturday, 11 May, 2013

A park for everyone at Mörikestraße

Its not at all a new thing for the people of Stuttgart to enjoy a day out on a bright sunny day. And there are lot of possibilities for making it fun. One of them being a park in Morikstrasse. If we just take a look, it is a simple park for kids, but its not. It is much more than that if we are ready to explore. There are lot of oppurtunities, it is park for kids, an adventurous biking spot for youngsters, a walk way for olds, a lovely place for couples, a picnic spot for family and more.


I visited recently on a sunday accompanied by my wife and my little one. We reached there and there were lot of people in the park. we decided to explore and climbed the hill (Karlshöhe). As we climb up we started seeing the town, nice view ofcourse. As we move on we could see some younsters practising to walk on the rope. The rope was tied between two trees and they were trying to walk over it. On both sides of the way there were lot of tress and flowers. There were couples, friends, families who came there to enjoy a day. Some youngsters were having some fun with thier bikes (bicycle).


There is also a restaurant (Tschechen & Söhne) on the top of the hill, there you can have food enjoying the beautiful weather and view. They serve beer as well. After walking for some more time we found another play area for kids. There we have swing then some other rides especially for kids. We spend some time there and the little one had some fun over there. There are benches here and there so that one can just sit back and relax.

The big trees, beautiful flowers, nice walk way all make it a nice place for hangout. The walk way is good, where in which  we could take our kids strolley as well. Altogether the place is well maintained with the natural resources kept intact. 

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