Sunday, 18 April, 2010

Thenmala Ecotourism - Deer Park

We had lunch at the near by restaurant of Facilitation centre. Then we headed to the Deer Park. It is one km away from Facilitation centre. We took ticket for the park and entered, we didn't see too many deers there. We were able to find only one inside the forest.

There is a children park inside the Deer park. The small park was completely occupied by a school team. Then we saw a Tree hut. We all got inside the tree hut. There is a room and a sit out in the hut. It is the only one thing which we found that there was no entry ticket.

After visiting these many places we planned to visit the Leisure zone. But it was raining heavily, so we were not able to visit the Leisure zone. We missed the Butterfly Safari park in the Leisure zone. We were ready to leave from Thenmala. Altogether we had some great time at Thenmala. But it didn't meet our expectation, there are few things in which we think there is room for improvement,


Payeng said...

Hi Shaiju,

a map showing the location of the visit would be great along with the posts and photos

Shaiju B said...

Thanks for the comment and suggestion

Rajesh said...

If you missed the leisure zone, You missed a lot! Next time do visit there..

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