Saturday, 15 May, 2010

Veli Tourist Spot, Thiruvananthapuram

Its a Saturday afternoon that we headed to Veli. Veli is one of the popular tourist spot in Thiruvananthapuram. Veli is around 5kms away from city.

There are few facilities like horse ride, boating etc. KTDC provides a floating restaurant. There you can sit and enjoy watching the lake while having a snack and a drink. But an average budget family would find it difficult to pay the bill. A tea cost Rs15, so you can imagine the kind of bill you would get after having snacks and tea for a family. There are normal tea/juice shops there too.

A floating bridge is also there to cross the lake. On the other side of the lake there is a children park, which is sure put smiles on your kids' face. Sea is easily accessible from there.

How to reach Veli?
Thiruvananthapuram-> Enjackal-> Chackai-> Veli


Mithi said...

Very nice picture of tourist attractions in Thiruvananthapuram. I think, after I come back home from my EcoIndia trip , I should plan a visit to Veli.

Check me here:

Shaiju B said...

Thanks a lot for the good words :) You are always welcome to Thiruvananthapuram.

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