Friday, 14 January, 2011

Pulkoodu (Crib) Creation Contest at CSI Peringammala

Festivals always bring joy on this. Its the huge spirit that brings friends/relatives together. Yet another festive season has just gone past. We had enough of celebrations/decorations during this period. Festive seasons are always the right time to decorate the street with illuminations. Its always pleasure to watch these decorations during the night time. But there are few things which catch our eyes other than illuminations. One among those is the creation of Pulkoodu (Crib) during the Christmas days.

Pulkoodu is a recreation of the manger where Mary gave birth to Jesus. People create pulkoodu to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. After the birth of Jesus Christ, wise men (magi) from the East visited baby Jesus and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of GOLD and of INCENSE and of MYRRH. The pulkoodu depicts the picture of new born baby Jesus surrounded by Mary, Joseph, three wise men (magi), shepherds, sheeps etc. Pulkoodu is usually created using hay, grass and other natural materials.

During the last Christmas season, Pulkoodu creation contest was held at CSI (Church of South India), Peringammala. It was the first time that the church conducted the event. There was lot of energy and excitement. The contest started at 7am on 24th Dec 2010. It was inagurated by Rev.Israel Thomas. Each of the team participated in the event with great team spirit. It was really good to see the team cooperation and the involvement they put in finishing the work. They all rushed up to finish the pulkoodu creation before 5'o clock as it was the mandated time to complete the work. Below are few snaps of the Pulkoodu from the contest.

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