Friday, 28 November, 2008

A rider's story

Greatest ambition
For most of the guys a bike is more than a tool for daily commute. I truly believe that a bike is more than that. For me its much like a friend. It was my greatest ambition to own a bike during my childhood days. I got my first bike in 2002, its a second hand Samurai. Before getting Samurai, I used to ride my brother's bike, Splendor. Then I went for higher studies and sold my bike. In 2006, my brother bought a new bike, Honda Unicorn and I took over his bike, Hero Honda Splendor.
Days with Splendor
I used the Splendor for around 2 years. Its a very nice bike, I used for daily commute to office. Its the post 2000 model, without pollution control. It has a good pickup and is very fuel efficient. I used to get around 70kmpl. I have got a best mileage of 82kmpl on highway. After having this Splendor for some years, I decided to upgrade to a new bike.

Bike upgrade
My brother owns a Unicorn, so I know its a great bike. Its time the Pulsar was very popular, its still popular. But I don't want to buy a Bajaj bike, they have a reputation of poor reliability. I ave a great love for CBZ (old CBZ). I liked the look of the bike very much. And at this time that CBZ-X has launched. I didn't quite like the look of the new CBZ, may be they have overdone it. Any way I decided to buy the CBZ-X, but it was on Sep 2007 that I have seen the new bike from Hero Honda. As soon as I saw the pictures of the bike, I am in love with it. At this time I gone out of state for some official trip.

A bike called Hunk
I was very eager know the details of the Hunk. I read a lot of automobile magazines. I came to know that it has the same engine of CBZ-X, which generates 14.4 bhp of power, which was the highest among it competitors. Its the same engine from Unicorn, but returned for better power. So on the one hand I know its a reliable engine, but on the other hand I will lose out the mileage, since it delivers more power. There are some feature missing from the other 150s, such as digital speedo, LED tail lights etc, but I decided to go for it. I need to ride the bike. I rush to the nearest dealer, I test rode the bike. The thing that impressed me was the seating position, its sporty but maintains a good proposition. I decided to buy a hunk, black one. I booked the bike on Dec 2007, for launching the bike on Jan 2008.

Owning the Hunk
On Jan 2008 I owned my Hunk, its a black one. Its a dream come true.

Its been around a year with my Hunk, its a good bike. More on that in the next post ....

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