Saturday, 6 December, 2008

Bike Review

Its been quite some that I have been with my new bike Hero Honda Hunk. I bought the bike in Jan 2008 so its almost an year. Its was the time Hunk was launched, so I used to get lots of questions on my bike, like "Whats the price ?", "Whats the mileage ?", "Whats the cc ?" ...

Most of my ride is for commuting to office. I occasionally use the bike for touring. There is one thing which I like most - the seating position. Its really excellent i should say, sporty but doesn't compromise on comfort.

It has a massive looking tank which adds to the styling element. The power delivery is superb, especially at gear roll ons. It doesn't disappoint on the fuel efficiency either, I have been consistently getting a mileage of around 50kmpl. I got a best mileage of 56kmpl and a worst mileage of 45kmpl.For me the bike is a bit heavy, its 146kg. I feel really confident while cornering.

I had some troubles with the chain, the chain tend to loose too much. I got fixed it from the service center. The back seat a bit too high, difficult for female pillion riders.

The bike has clocked more than 14500km at the time of this writing. I ride almost 60 kms per day. I haven't done any modification in the bike. I changed the right handle weight, as my bike fell down on a rainy day.

As a premium bike I expected LED tail lights and digital speedo, but we can't expect too much from Hero Honda, right ? I don't ride my bike too fast, my average speed is around 50 kmpl. I haven't ride the bike beyond the 70 km mark. Altogether I am pretty satisfied with my bike. After I bought my bike, some new bike launches were there in the names of Yamaha R15 and then the Yamaha FZ16.

What would be my next bike ?

Its not going to happen in the near future, I mean not with in a year or two. So it would be a higher capacity bike, may be a much civilized Karizma, who knows which all bike will be available in India, CBRs, Ninjas...

Bike Stats

Bought : Jan 2008
Clocked : 14500 km
Mileage : 50 kmpl overall
Power : 14.4 ps
Engine : 150 cc
Services : 6 free service + 1 paid service
Cost : Rs 65000 on road
Rating : 4/5
Maintenance : None

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